What Are Trailer Homes?

Trailer Homes:

Also known as mobile homes or manufactured homes. Instead of on site construction, these types of homes are manufactured in factories by following the process of prefabrication. Trailer tractors are normally used to move them from one place to another. They can either be used as temporary accommodation by moving them from one place to another or kept at its site permanently.

Interior and Exterior:

Manufactured units can be as spacious and as comfortable as a normal house. According to Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC) manufactured homes normally span over the area of 900-2,500 sq. ft. They are well equipped with all basic amenities of life.

The interior is similar to that of a regular house. Depending on the size it has rooms, bathroom, kitchen, windows, workplace, lighting, gas systems and whirlpool baths etc. You can live in a trailer home as you live on the onsite homes.

The base is made up of strong trailer frames, wheels, axels and tow hitches. Different types of cosmetic work is done to make its interior and exterior stylish and beautiful.

Types of Trailer Homes:

Below are the main types based on their size and number of units:

Single wides
Double wides
Triple wides

Single wides:

Single wide trailers are normally 18 ft. x 90 ft. in size but can have lesser dimensions. These types of homes are transported to the site in the form of a single unit.

Double wides:

Double wides have normal dimensions of 20 ft. x 90 ft. However the width can be more than 20 feet and length can be less than 90 feet. These types of mobile units are transported to the destination site in the form of two separate units. These two individual units are then joined together to make a single trailer unit.

Triple wides:

Triple wides also exist but are not that common. These types of units are transported to the destination site in the form of three separate units that are then assembled together to make a single unit.


Other types of mobile homes are not built as frequently and have 4, 5 or more units. When brought to actual site, each of its individual units are joined together.

Buying Trailer Homes:

It is very simple to buy. The most important thing is that you must have a good amount in hand for down payment. Moreover you should have a site where it will be placed. It is always good to consult a lawyer in order to avoid legal complications regarding area etc. Moreover do inspect your trailer home thoroughly before buying it.

Selling Trailer Homes:

Trailer homes can be resold. The most common types that are traded are the single wides, because they can easily be moved from one place to another. These homes are mostly resold to new owners or to park owners who use them as rental units.

Single wides are more frequently traded compared to double wides. This is because of that fact that single wide homes are easy to be moved from one site to another. Other types are mostly kept at their places permanently. Only about 5% of double wides are traded. Triple wides and other types are not very common and are mostly not traded.

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Home Staging – Homeowners Can Do It!

You’re ready to sell your house and it is apparent it needs updating. You’ve heard of home staging and you know it is available in your area but you want to do it yourself, you need the professional advice to implement the plan. The internet is full of resources; there must be something out there to hep you. You’re looking for personal advice to focus on your individual home style and market conditions without reading generalized books on home staging.

Is there an easier way to stage my home without buying new furniture and having someone come into my house? There must be a design solution on line where advice can be giving via email. At this time few design companies offer e-design consultation for staging a home.

To investigate what stagers offer is your first step. Can you ask for advice via email, send pictures, measurement of furniture for redesigning? You looking for do it yourself help with professional guidance.

With increasing use of the internet and graphic design there are many ways to show homeowners how to recreate their home using most of what they already own in a new and inventive way. There are companies that offer consultations, but few give direct information on how to stage, place furniture, how to color coordinate and minimize clutter.

Staging homes in this buyers market is critical to a faster sale with a higher return on your sale price. Staging is available for everyone everywhere, but finding help via E-designs is still a new concept and worth searching out.

Article by: Gayle Barrett of StagedForResale.com