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Ideas for Men in Creating a Happy Home – The Gardening Way

The argument is as old as the hills, many men seem to think domestic chores are just that, whereas as many women see them as a necessary part of building a loving home. That’s where the trouble often starts.

Now, I’m not going to tell men they should do more around the house, that’s for each couple to talk about and agree how housework is broken down between them.

What I’m going to invite men to think about here is how they can combine their love of “toys” with creating a loving home – starting in the garden.

If you’re the kind of guy that doesn’t know the vacuum cleaner from a dish cloth, and what’s more doesn’t want to, how can you still do your bit in the home? Well, I believe that the garden is the perfect place to start.

Why not take the initiative and without waiting to be asked get on and sort out the jungle your unkempt garden has become?

Sure, clearing an overgrown and neglected garden might seem like an overwhelming task but with modern power tools it can be quicker and easier than you could ever imagine.

I can almost hear you grown as you imagine all the hard work. But hold on…

…sure you’d rather be sitting on the sofa with your buddies watching the game. But if you’re not pulling your weight around the home and sharing in the duties then your spouse is potentially going to feel neglected. In her mind she may equate not caring about creating a home together with you not caring about here.

We both know where that path leads over time. So if you want to build a happy home and marriage then doing your share is important. But here’s the thing if you’re proactive and don’t wait to be asked, you can CHOOSE which jobs to do. The very fact you’re doing more around the home with help your wife feel valued. And a wife who feels valued is a happy wife.

So back to that jungle of a garden, where to start? Here’s a simple three step plan.

Step 1. Clear the ground! If you’re garden has been left for any time then it may well be a tangle of scrub. It might not be your first choice of how to spend an afternoon but if you’re going to do it, this is the place to start. Personally I prefer a garden strimmer for this job. A cheap cordless one is fine for edging but for clearing scrub go for corded or even better a petrol garden strimmer. IT will save you hours of work and clears scrub so fast it makes your hair stand on end! But, it’s serious piece of kit so make sure you wear the recommended safety gear.

Step 2. Trim back any bushes, shrubs or hedge. These form the boundaries of the eye, and you’re trying to catch your wife’s eye here so make sure you do a good job. Once again garden shears are fine for smaller jobs but a cordless hedge trimmer or petrol hedge cutter will do the job quicker and more easily.

Step 3. Ask your wife’s opinion on how she might like to use the garden and how she’d like it laid out. If she’s not used to you asking here opinion she’s going to get quite a shock here. But, just tell her that you know how much work she does around the house to create a great home. Let her know that you really want to do you bit and you thought creating a garden that you both can enjoy would be a great place to start. Then shut up and listen!

That’s right, listen. I know this can be a stretch for some people at first. But, listen to what your wife really wants out of the garden and get busy creating it. I suspect you’ll be delighted in how your marriage improves and don’t be too surprised if she gets some beers in and suggests you invite your buddies around to watch the game? Talk about win win.

Go on give it a try, you night even have some fun on the way…


Where Is Your Office Located? Home!

‘Home sweet home’. Yes indeed you can be placed and located in your home sweet home and yet be a full time professional, or a business entrepreneur, tutor counselor, etc.

Online jobs have taken n the forefront and more people are opting for solutions for their every problem online. Only yesterday, I was faced with my washing machine over flowing and I was left clueless why was it happening? I tried to call up the service department, but couldn’t get through. What could I do to help my machine? Yes, I had the solution. Not because I was a genius, but, I must admit I was a genius to think of an action plan though! In no time I went online, and got all the answers and guideless to the steps I needed to take to fix the problem. By the time the customer service employee reached my residence, I had taken the basic preliminary steps that stopped the flow. Thanks to the internet!

Today internet is the answer for every query. It is not just a place where you can find solution; you can be the one to offer solution too! Thus more people are making online jobs as their full time or even part-time occupation. Since you have the freedom of time, you can fix your own schedule and work as per your convenience. If you to attend to your child’s studies, or go shopping, you can work at a later hour. This flexibility has attracted a good population. Many mothers who have quit job to take care of their family responsibilities have resorted to online working. This way, they can make time for themselves, and also be available for their family needs.

Some of the most preferred online jobs are online writing. There are number of websites that need good writers, and if you have a basic hood language and an ability to express in good language you can be a successful freelance writer. Those who have a worked as in a business firms and has t quit job for family, can step in to the same old shoes by taking up part time consulting. You may have your field of experience and expertise. Stick to your filed, and success and demand will follow you.

Many qualified opt for online teaching classes. There a lot of virtual classes run by online education courses. You can apply for an online job with one of the teaching institutes and enjoy teaching from home.

Online counseling is one of the most lucrative jobs that a psychology educated can choose. In this internet era, the trend has changed to seek advice online. Like the useful washing machine advice I sought online, people have moved to virtual clinics rather than actual clinics if it is just for counseling and advice. Those in depression do not like to move out of their home, and for them an online psychologist is a boon. Online counseling is a well paid online job. There are many training centers that deal with how to counsel and deal online.

Online job opportunities are many. Choose the subject of your interest and you can make a successful career right away from home.

Why the MLM Marketing Advice From Your Upline Isn’t Enough to Run Your MLM Home Based Business

Are you getting good MLM marketing advice from your upline? Good advice should be determined by doing what they tell you to do, and you actually seeing some results. Every good MLM home based business needs a good marketing system and I’ll tell you why in a minute.

When running your MLM home based business, it can seem very difficult in the beginning because you may be unsure of the direction you need to go in. Most people run to their upline looking for marketing advice on how they can get more prospects or leads to join their MLM home based business or downline, hoping to cash in on that residual income that they were promised.

However, the unfortunate thing is that all they will get from their upline is marketing advice… and nothing more. Unless you have an upline that understands how to run an MLM home based business profitably along with a proven marketing system, then you will get plain MLM marketing advice that will keep you running around in circles, spending all your time not making a dime, and working from everywhere… but home.

Uplines tend to give you advice like:

  • Make sure to go to the meetings every week
  • Pass out as many business cards as possible
  • Talk to your Family and Friends ASAP
  • Put up flyers
  • Do Presentations at the Mall, your home, at the store, etc..
  • Tell people about your website (if you even have one)
  • Talk about the company’s success…
  • Get as many friends as possible on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace
  • etc, etc, etc.

All this can seem like good MLM marketing advice…and the fact is that it is good advice. But, if you want to really make something out of the advice that they give you, then you need to know how to take a more systematic approach.

What you need is a marketing system that takes care of a lot of the “grunt” work for you while you spend more time with your family. If you want to go to the meetings, then you can while your marketing system is working for you behind the scenes 24/7.

At this point you’re probably wondering what the right marketing system is.

Well it’s a system that shows you multiple ways to produce income inside and outside of your MLM Home based business opportunity. It also attracts leads to your business without you chasing relatives and being a slave to your computer. It positions you as a leader instead of your MLM Home based business.

On top of that you get trained by experts on the finer points of marketing your business on a consistent basis to ensure you make the most of your business online.

That’s what it really takes to have a successful business online. Experts surrounding you and giving you sound MLM marketing advice, systems in place to attract leads and traffic on autopilot 24/7, and most importantly positioning you as leader… the guy or gal who collects the checks!